Special Needs

“Special Needs” is a term used in the animal rescue community.
It typically implies a serious medical condition and sometimes it can mean a death sentence.
But RSVP goes the extra mile to help those with no where else to turn.
Help us help them.

  Cleo was at risk when she was rescued from a Manhattan shelter.
How could this happen to a dog who was good with children and actually enjoys the company of all animals??!!
She is healthy in all respects but one.
Cleo’s eye needs to be removed.
RSVP believes that a disability is not a reason to end a life.
Cleo was rescued by RSVP, fostered and seen by a veterinarian specialist.
Once the eye is removed, RSVP has found a loving family that wants to adopt Cleo and provide a second chance in life.
Please click here to help this very special dog on her journey home.
Special Fundraiser for Simba

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Breeding. A word that is abhorred in the animal rescue community and for good reason. It is frequently associated with the exploitation of animals for financial gain and the cause of genetic/health problems. “Emma” is a small, 13lb. beagle pup, only 10 months. She is as sweet and precious as can be. But unfortunately, Emma has a unique bladder abnormality which presents as incontinence. She has been seen by a veterinarian and undergone several tests. The next step is an evaluation by a specialist. Emma’s medical bills are increasing and her future is uncertain. If you would like to help in any way, please contact Emma’s RSVP advocate at (516) 695-0425 for more details.

Rocco was rescued by RSVP in 2017 when his owner passed away. He was living outdoors and suffered from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which resulted in diarrhea. Fecal waste would collect on his fur and daily cleaning was needed. He was placed in foster care to manage his condition. Rocco is a sweet and friendly “lap cat” who’s condition remains chronic but is diligently maintained with a special diet. Rocco recently developed a lesion on his eye. He was seen by a specialist and the mass was biopsied. Fortunately it was negative. Your donation will help cover the cost of his special needs medical treatment.

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