Call To Action

$700 will enable RSVP to board a dog for one (1) month. RSVP Outreach volunteers oversee the well being of approx. 25 “backyard dogs”. On occasion, owners agree to surrender a dog they no longer care for. This presents RSVP with an opportunity to find a suitable home for a dog that has had a difficult life. However, temporary boarding involves a financial commitment. Your donation can make a huge difference. Help us “break the chain”. Provide a backyard dog with temporary boarding and the chance for a new beginning. Together we can end their suffering and give them a life that every companion pet deserves.


$500 RSVP feeds 14 cat colonies of 150-200 homeless cats and also maintains approx. 30 cats for adoption. Canned and dry cat food is ALWAYS needed. Your donation can help feed our beloved felines for one (1) week. This is truly a life saving measure for our outdoor cats that struggle to survive, particulary during the winter months.


$200 Despite local legislative efforts to bring dogs indoors during harsh weather, many dogs remain exposed to the elements 24 x 7. RSVP promotes responsible pet ownership and this includes a clean, sturdy and suitable dog house for those that sadly, live outdoors. It provides shelter from the sun on a blistering, hot summer day, protection from freezing temperatures and snow in winter and comfort during a violent thunder storm or hurricane. Your donation will make a world of difference to those that have so little.


$100 Medical care can mean the difference between comfort and suffering, or in some cases, life and death. RSVP works with local veterinarians and the generous services of Dr. Dowd to provide much needed relief to the animals in our care and those we maintain through our Outreach program. One (1) visit, one (1) prescription or (1) test can change the life of a homeless or unwanted pet. As pet owners, we address the needs of our personal pets with unwavering love and devotion. Please help those who are less fortunate and struggle to survive without the care of a personal guardian.


$50 In the never ending effort to control animal overpopulation, RSVP promotes spay/neuter for all pets and theirĀ  TNR (trap, neuter, return) program as a vital, life-saving measure. Your donation can be used to S/N one (1) cat and prevent hundreds, even thousands of homeless, abandoned, unwanted cats. It will also prevent the suffering that typically occurs when kittens born outdoors are not properly cared for. Sadly, they often succomb to malnutrition, dehydration, viruses, parasites and other threats.