Our History

RSVP, Inc. is a 501c3, non-profit animal rescue group serving Eastern Long Island, New York since Jan 6, 1996. Originally founded as the “Riverhead Shelter Volunteer Program” their goal was to improve conditions at the Riverhead municipal shelter and reduce the needless suffering of companion animals. They realized that in order to make a significant difference, they needed to focus on the source of the problem – and encourage responsible pet care and sterilization in the low income neighborhoods where most of the animals were originating. Determined, these ladies drove their van into targeted areas, which consistently produced high numbers of abused, neglected, un-neutered and/or unwanted pets that ultimately landed at the Riverhead facility. The results have been amazing. Most of the families approached were receptive to the help offered. While many rescue organizations will offer spay/neuter programs, very few will actively seek out those who will not ask for help, although they need it most. RSVP is the only rescue group on the east end of Long Island offering this unique and vital service.

The core group has changed over time and the small band of passionate advocates has operated “under the radar,” overshadowed by some of Long Island’s more popular and financially endowed rescue groups. When these widely known organizations are over capacity, they will frequently recommend RSVP, Inc. to pet owners needing assistance. Sometimes less is more.

RSVP, Inc. is there for those with no where else to turn and is run entirely by volunteers.

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