Our Dreams

Founded in 1996, RSVP is still going strong.
And with your support, our dreams can continue to grow …


2 Year Goal (2020): $150K Operating Budget
RSVP is an all volunteer group, with all funds benefitting the animals.
And every penny counts.
In 2016 our expenses were $93K.
In 2017 our expenses were $103K.
Sadly, the need is always greater than our resources.
And there are times when animals that desperately need help must wait.
A backyard dog without shelter, a stray cat with an injury …
But with an increase in funding, we could provide medical and boarding services to more animals.


5 Year Goal (2023): Headquarters with an exam room, playroom  and outdoor cattery
For years, RSVP operated as a foster based organization.
Rescued animals were housed temporarily in the homes of our volunteers and other fosters.
Then, in 2016, we rented a small office with rooms for 8 cats and 1 dog.
As we continue to provide our rescues with a safe and comfortable haven, our goal is to secure a more spacious and animal friendly facility.

10 Year Goal (2028): New Branch/Chapter & Location

RSVP takes great pride in the  work we do and the services we provide.
Our small organization of approximately twenty (20) hands-on volunteers, always “steps up to the plate”.
Sometimes less is more.
Rather than grow into a larger organization (which can come with other drawbacks), RSVP would like to establish a new branch or chapter in another location. Perhaps upstate NY or even another state. RSVP would serve as a model for other like-minded animal advocacy groups, with an empasis on our Community Outreach Program.