White River


In April of 2017, RSVP was asked to help catch a sick homeless cat that had been living outside an apartment complex for over five (5) years. “River” was a beautiful white cat, but his coat was dirty and matted and his ears were crusty. As it turned out, River was not feral. He was very friendly and easy to catch. An RSVP volunteer brought him to the Shinnecock Animal Hospital and River was a perfect angel! He allowed the staff to bathe him and shave his matted coat without protest. He purred and gave loving “head butts” as if to say “Thank you for helping me!” Everyone fell in love with River. His exam revealed serious ear infections and sores. How uncomfortable he must have been to have suffered through the winter! And how sad that so many people passed him by for so long. River is a senior cat in his teens. His gorgeous long white coat is growing back and he loves to be pet and brushed. His ears have healed, he is gaining weight, and his constant purring tells us that he is very grateful to be safe and warm. An awesome companion cat!