RSVP Outreach Program

Your donation makes a difference

 $0.30 feeds (1) feral cat/day
 $2.10 feeds (1) feral cat/wk
 $9.30 feeds (1) feral cat/mo
 $109.50 feeds(1) feral cat/yr

RSVP volunteers currently feed 14 feral cat colonies, totaling 150-200 feral cats.

 $7.00 buys (1) flybag to control flying insects in summer
 $10.00 buys (1)  winter coat
 $100.00 helps build (1) sturdy doghouse

The RSVP Outreach program currently oversees the well being of 25 backyard dogs.

 $35.00 Neuters (1) male cat, including vaccinations
 $70.00 Spays (1) female cat, including vaccinations
 $80.00 Neuters (1) 60lb. male dog, including vaccinations
 $100.00 Spays (1) 60lb. female dog, including vaccinations

RSVP advocates spay/neutering for all cats and dogs, as the humane solution to pet overpopulation, homelessness and euthanasia.